Big Papua Bundle

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Celebrate the dads in your life with a gift they will love. The Big Papua Bundle brings together two incredibly smooth and flavorful coffees, hailing from two different parts of the world.

Enjoy the big savings with the Big Papua Bundle and the taste of freshly-roasted coffee. Learn more about our coffees below:

Brazil Bracosta

Origin: Bracosta Estate, Minas Gerais Region, Brazil

Tasting Notes: Sweet and chocolatey with a balanced acidity and notes of caramel

Flavor Notes: Sweet, Caramel, Low Acidity, Chocolate

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Papua New Guinea

Origin: Sigri Coffee Estate, Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes: Rich and earthy with dark chocolate and a hint of fruit

Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Woodsy, Fruity

Roast Profile: Medium Roast