Coffee and Community: Cameroon Boyo

Coffee and Community: Cameroon Boyo

Ever wonder about where your coffee comes from? We’ve told you the names of the countries and a little bit about the flavor profiles, but could we say more? Yes! And we should.

Today, we want to highlight the Boyo region of Cameroon, which is the place where our delicious Cameroon Boyo coffee is produced. Located in the northwest part of Cameroon, the Boyo region is not only a place where coffee thrives but also a place where its community thrives. There, farmers come together to ensure enough coffee is farmed, picked, and dried for export, while making decisions and increasing their expertise about their own farming procedures and distribution processes.

There is something very special about the Cameroon Boyo farmers: their sense of unity and empowerment. Working together, the men and women of the Boyo region organize into self-governing groups known as the Circle of Excellence Groups (CoE), which then belong to the Hill Top Farmers cooperative. According to the Cameroon Boyo official communications channel,

“These are groupings of a small number of farmers with neighboring farms who follow common guidelines and ‘peer review’ themselves as they combine their production each season. The production of CoE groups are taken to market as microlots or combined to obtain desired volumes. In their case, the CoE farmers make the decision and are responsible for the quality of coffee getting to market.”

The farmers believe in achieving lasting success and strength through their work. Such success and strength are reflected in the successful partnerships they have worldwide with like-minded professionals, the processes that are in place for harvesting coffee, including feedback between groups about product quality, and the legacy they leave younger generations by presenting coffee farming as a viable option for work, professional development, economic independence, and worldwide collaboration.

When you drink a cup of Joe’s Cameroon Boyo coffee you are not only drinking a high-quality product, but an experience and a reflection of dedication and care.

Connect with the rest of the world and help your community, all while having a delicious cup of Joe’s.

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