Cold Brew Coffee: The Secret Way to Stay Cool and Energized this Summer

Cold Brew Coffee: The Secret Way to Stay Cool and Energized this Summer

Joe is a cool guy, but even he knows that summertime can be too much. You have the heat, the long days, and did we say heat? It’s no secret that fatigue can settle in during the summer, especially when you are hot. So, how can you fix that? Cold brew coffee, of course!

Cold brew? Yes! Cold brew coffee, another way to enjoy the delicious taste of Joe’s while staying cool during the hot summer.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

To make cold brew coffee, you need to slowly steep 3/4 Cup of beans (coarse grind) in 4 cups of cold water (we recommend Joe's CommunityRoast) for 16-24 hours. While this is the recommended coffee measurement, you can always adjust to taste. After the time has passed, simply strain the concentrate and store the final product in the fridge.

What is the point of going through this process, if you can simply have regular coffee with ice? Well, it is totally worth it. The brewing time and water temperature create a product that is low in acidity, smooth and highlights its natural flavors. Also, iced coffee and cold brew are two totally different experiences and use different brewing processes.

A benefit of cold brew coffee is that it has a strong, prolonged caffeine kick, which will keep you energized and ready to tackle your day. Need a cool and delicious pick-me-up this summer? Cold brew coffee is the way (Plus, you can keep it in the fridge up to 10 days).

Bonus Recipe!!!

Sometimes Joe likes to step out of his coffee comfort zone and mixes equal parts of cold brew and whole chocolate milk for a game-changing beverage. Give it a try, and thank us later.