Fair Trade Certified Coffee

Fair Trade Certified Coffee

You may have seen a Fair Trade Certified™ stamp on coffee packaging and wondered what it means in the first place. Does it deal with farming practices? location? quality? Well, this certification encompasses a little bit of everything.

Sustainability and Community
Fair Trade exists to ensure that individuals making the goods that will bear the certification work in safe conditions, employ manufacturing and farming practices that protect the environment, work to rebuild sustainable livelihoods and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities.

In order for a product to receive a Fair Trade Certification, it needs to be produced responsibly, following a strict set of standards. The two main qualifications for certification include the “how” and the “who” of the production process.

“How” a crop is grown in correlation to environmental sustainability is an important aspect of becoming Fair Trade Certified. The coffee farm’s environmental and sustainability goals are critically assessed to make sure they meet expectations.

The “who” includes the farmers and workers and how they are treated and compensated for their hard labor. A Fair Trade Certification ensures fair wages and strong oversight in standards regarding child labor and gender equality.


At Joe’s, a large selection of our coffees are Fair Trade Certified. We strongly believe in supporting the local communities that produce our coffees and believe that through fair, safe and uplifting work conditions, people thrive together.

When you select one of Joe’s Fair Trade Certified coffees, you are standing with us to protect the environment and support and empower small coffee farmers globally.

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