Joe Visits Central America

Joe Visits Central America

On a trip to Central America, Joe had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in the Guatemalan region of Huehuetenango.

Located in west-central Guatemala, Huehuetenango and its Cuchumatanes mountain range provide the perfect conditions to grow flavorful and delicious coffee.

Meaning "Place of the Ancients," Huehuetenango continues to follow different ancient traditions, including farming. Sugarcane, corn, bananas and beans are some of Guatemala's agricultural exports. Coffee is also another popular export, and it is in Huehuetenango where Joe encountered a cup of coffee that he had to share with the world.

While visiting a few local farmers, Joe experienced a smooth cup of coffee with a medium body and notes of spicy pistachio, floral honeysuckle and fruity apricot. He now shares that cup with you with our own Guatemala Huehuetenango Roast.

What makes Guatemala Huehuetenango special? It’s great characteristics:

Give this delicious coffee a try, and travel the world one cup of Joe's at a time.