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Just like you, Joe cares and wants to make an impact in the surrounding community. Each time you purchase a bag of Community Roast, you are supporting local nonprofit organizations in need. Community Roast is a blend of Cameroon BoyoTM and Brazil Cerrado, coffees that perfectly embody the idea of community. The farmers from these regions ensure that their work and profits benefit their own communities in areas such as job placement, skills development, financial endorsements and more.

Through Community Roast, not only do you get to explore two different regions of the world but you also get to impact the lives of those who need support, one cup of Joe’s at a time.

Origin: Cameroon and Brazil

Tasting Notes: Aromatic and full-bodied from the Cameroon Boyo. A taste of sweetness and chocolate notes from Brazil Cerrado.

Flavor Notes: Aromatic, Full-Bodied, Chocolate, Smooth, Earthy, Chocolate, Sweet, Caramel

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark


Funds collected go to the Good Dog Fund managed by the Cobb Community Foundation. Annual disbursements will be made available through the Cobb Community Impact Grant to nonprofit organizations.